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Tax Revenue Data is live!

March 1 , 2017 

Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) and Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) information is now available on the open data portal.  The newly released data sets have information on the dollar amount of TPT and TLT collected by the City of Mesa going back to 2012.  TPT tax is also referred to as sales tax and is collected when goods are purchased within Mesa’s borders.  TLT also known as bed tax and is collected when visitors come to Mesa and stay in hotels.  Both of these taxes fund local services provided to Mesa residents, to find out more about the City of Mesa budget and these taxes click here.

Public Safety Data Now Available

September 28, 2016 

New public safety data is now available. View data from the City of Mesa Police and Fire and Medical departments regarding calls for service and incident data.  These data sets have information on the types of calls received by Mesa’s 911 Safety Dispatch Center and the types of calls that Mesa Police and Fire and Medical Department staff are dispatched to.  The data includes the location of the incidents to the nearest 100 block and the date the incident occurred.  Visualizations are also available that show the number of events by month from 2013 to the most recent complete month. 

Vendor Payment Data Now Available

May 18, 2016 

The newest data set on Mesa's open data portal has been released and includes information on payments made to vendors that do business with the City of Mesa. The data set can be found by following this link or by clicking the Financials icon on the homepage of open.mesaaz.gov.  The vendor payment data set includes payments made by the City to vendors that provide goods and services to the City of Mesa.  More detailed information is also included in the data set that shares which department the purchase was made for, they type of good or service provided, and which fund the purchase was made from.  The vendor payment data set allows residents to see how the City of Mesa spends funds and which goods and services are provided broken down by vendor.  The data set increases financial transparency and gives easy access to payment information through Mesa’s open data portal.  Stay tuned for future data set releases!   

Open Data Portal Launches!

March 5, 2016 

We are excited to celebrate Open Data Day by launching, for the first time, Mesa’s open data portal, which will make it easier for citizens to access data and learn more about the progress Mesa is making towards addressing city-wide priorities.  The City of Mesa as part of What Works Cities, an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, has committed to using data and evidence based practices to improve the lives of Mesa residents.  The open data portal plays an integral role in Mesa’s efforts by providing easy access to data the City is using to measure progress towards the Mayor and Council’s priorities of:


Increase Prosperity

Mesa is a world class destination that is able to compete on the global stage and attract the next generation of innovative, transformational leaders. Residents in Mesa are economically independent, and are part of a well-educated/trained workforce that attracts and retains high-tech, aerospace, healthcare, tourism, education and creative industry and jobs to Mesa. In order to increase the prosperity of Mesa residents the City has focused on increasing Mesa resident’s income and developing a world class workforce.


Transform Neighborhoods

Mesa’s Neighborhoods exude a sense of pride for Mesa today and its future and where residents work collaboratively to build healthy, safe, and thriving communities. Mesa has a culturally diverse mix of residents and neighborhoods that also well connected to outstanding parks, education, arts and transit amenities that help our residents live enriched lives. The City of Mesa will work to create pride in neighborhoods and ensure neighborhoods are safe and welcoming places for all residents.


Vibrant Downtown

Downtown Mesa is the “living room” for the community and serves as a dynamic space for the entire community to enjoy. Downtown Mesa is an innovative, art-centered, quality-focused, eclectic blend of old and new. Downtown is alive with options day and night, is connected to local and regional residents, and visitors, and offers a variety of active and safe gathering spaces. With an active environment day and night, Downtown Mesa is the location of choice to live, work, and relax. The City of Mesa will focus on creating an active environment day and night and building a healthy economy and community downtown.

Data housed under each priority will be used to inform decisions on policies and programs that positively contribute to the city-wide priorities. The City of Mesa welcomes residents to explore the data found on this site to stay informed on the progress Mesa is making to improve resident’s lives.  We also welcome your feedback and participation, which is what open data is all about!  Feedback will be incorporated into the portal as you can check back here for future updates and even suggest a data set



The City of Mesa would also like to recognize our partners that assisted us along the way.  Our participation in What Works Cities has been of great value and their partners, Results for America, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Center for Government Excellence at John’s Hopkins University have been instrumental to incorporating the use of data and evidence into decision making and launching the portal to share that information freely with residents.

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