Neighborhood Outreach

20 E. Main Street, Suite 250
Mesa, AZ 85201

Hours of Operation

M-Th 7am-6pm

Neighborhood Outreach

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The Neighborhood Outreach team assists residents and neighborhoods in effectively accessing and using City services and other community resources.  Our team guides neighborhoods and residents in their effort to make and keep their neighborhood a clean, safe, and welcoming community.

Our staff is committed to providing high quality customer service through the delivery of City information and services, neighborhood resources, one-on-one assistance, and volunteerism.  Please connect with us today to express concerns, request services, or learn more about our City!




Get to Know Your Neighborhood Outreach Team!

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Meet our Staff

Andrea Alicoate
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Districts 2 & 6


Cynthia Ezcurra
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Districts 1 & 3


 Lindsey Balinkie
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Districts 4 & 5


 Bryan Goodwin
Citywide Volunteer Programs Coordinator


"I feel truly grateful being able to make a difference every day I am at work.  Each day is a new chance for me to learn from incredible people who are passionate about Mesa's great community.  I am fortunate that not only do I get to produce impactful and engaging programs, but I get to do so with such an amazing and supportive team.  When I am not at the Mesa City Plaza, I am usually feeding my coffee addiction or chasing around a toddler who has more energy than the Energizer Bunny!"


"Working for the City of Mesa for more than 20 years has taught me so much about myself.  Neighborhood Outreach has allowed me to work in different capacities that help to strengthen that community spirit.  I not only get to work with a talented and creative team, but also with many community members with culturally diverse backgrounds who are committed to making their neighborhoods an enjoyable place to live.  In addition to my love of building community, I also love spending time with my granddaughter, son, and family.  I love to laugh, eat, and enjoy life with my boyfriend."



"I love to help solve problems and bring people together.  Growing up in Colorado, as a kid, I would organize all of the younger children on my street and host neighborhood parties in my basement for them.  Now raising my own kids in the desert, I am dedicated to helping them understand the importance of taking good care of our neighborhood and being an active part of the community.  They are well on their way and help me organize neighborhood events and tend to the free little library we host in our front yard.  It is my pleasure to work with Mesa residents to help them care for their neighborhoods, learn how to use City services and find ways to connect with their community.


"Being a volunteer coordinator at the City of Mesa is truly gratifying.  I get to do the work that I love to do every day with the most wonderful and dedicated people who sincerely care about their community.  I connect individuals and groups with meaningful volunteer service experiences that bring about community engagement, cohesiveness, and sustainability.  Outside of my time with the City of Mesa, I can be found outdoors, creating music, or spending time with loved ones."


Bethany Freeland
Program Assistant


James Duty
Administrative Assistant


Ruth Giese
Community Services Director


 "My time with the City has really opened a whole new world for me.  I love getting to connect with local residents, businesses, and non-profits.  Being able to help run the programs that really bring a sense of community to Mesa has been a great joy.  On my off time you can find me in a movie theater, spending time BBQ-ing with friends and family, or trying to keep my book buying addiction at bay."


"I was born in Mesa, so I feel a certain sense of 'hometown pride' in working for here.  In addition to assisting in Neighborhood Outreach, I do work for the City's Housing and Diversity offices, as well.  In my spare time I enjoy working out, running, movies, traveling, socializing, and relaxing with my puppy (if you can call an 8-year-old Rottweiler a puppy)."