Report a Non-Emergency Crime Online

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Non-Emergency Crimes consist of Shoplifting, Theft, ID Theft, Hit & Run and Lost Property. You can also add additional information to an existing report.

Reporting a NON-Emergency Crime; you can do it yourself!

The City of Mesa Police Department appreciates the opportunity to serve you. As part of our goal for providing better and faster service, we are providing all citizens that reside in or visit the City of Mesa the opportunity to file their own Crime Reports on-line.

This service is to be used for specific types of crime (explained below) that are of a NON-Emergency nature.

If your NON-Emergency crime does not meet the following criteria, please call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211, option 2, to file a report.
If it is an Emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

General Criteria for creating your own NON-Emergency Crime Report: in addition to the specific Crime Type Criteria listed in the chart below, the crime you are reporting yourself:

  1. Must have occurred within the City of Mesa city limits, except for Identity Theft. Identity Theft crimes can be reported at any Law Enforcement agency in the United States.
  2. Is a NON—violent crime.
  3. Has no obvious physical evidence that was left at the scene of the crime.
  4. Is being reported by a person that is at least 18 years of age.
  5. For adding additional information to an existing report, please have ready the original report number and the Officer’s name.

Chart of Crimes Types and Criteria for creating your own NON-Emergency Crime Report:

CrimeType Criteria: You can create your own Crime Report for these specific types of crimes as long as the ABOVE 5 general criteria is met and...
  1. The crime is NOT in progress. If the crime is in progress, please dial
    (480) 644-2211, option 2, or 911.
  2. You do not know the suspect involved in the crime.
  3. The total value of the loss is less than $250.
  1. You do not know the suspect involved in the Crime.
  2. The value of the items taken is less than $250.
  3. License Plate thefts MUST be reported by calling 480-644-2211, and choosing option 2 from the menu. This ensures that they are entered into ACIC as stolen in a timely manner.
Identity Theft
  1. After completing an Identity Theft Crime Report and after the report has been approved by a Mesa Police Officer, the person reporting the crime must also complete a Mesa Police Fraud Packet.
Hit and Run
  1. The crime is NOT in progress.
  2. You do not know the suspect involved in the crime.
  3. Damage is less than $1,000.
Lost Property
  1. Property is Missing or Lost.
Additional Information or Property
  1. Add additional Property/Information to a previously reported case.
  2. Update status of property previously reported - "recovered, damaged, lost or stolen"
  3. This will apply to any report already filed, whether an officer took your information or you filed your report online. You must have the original case number.


Steps for creating your own Crime Report:

  1. Indicate the Type of Crime that is being reported.
  2. Indicate whether this Crime Report is an original (new) report or is additional information that is to be added to an existing report (supplemental).
  3. Indicate whether you are reporting the crime as a business or as an individual.
  4. Complete the screen that asks for all your contact information.
  5. Answer the questions that appear on all screens. These questions gather the details concerning the crime.
  6. Once all information is submitted, reviewed and approved, a copy of the unofficial report will be emailed to a valid email address provided.


By clicking on "Create Your Crime Report" below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand that the reporting of a crime that is false or malicious is punishable by law and that all violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and by checking the box you attest to the truthfulness of the crime report. By checking the box you also acknowledge and understand that police reports are subject to public records laws and are/may be released.